Mobile Legends gameplay explained

Mobile Legends Heroes

Each player gets to control one single unit at a time. These characters are known as Heroes. The players get to choose any hero of their choice, and newer ones are constantly supplied upon reaching the higher levels. The battles take place between two teams, each with 5 players. The main target is to destroy the base of the opponents. Whichever team does this first emerges victorious and has a claim over the rewards. The players can form allies with comrades of their preference to form a strong team.

Other characters

Apart from the HERO, there are two more units known as neutral creep and creep. The creep is a smaller sized unit that is owned by both the participating units. The creeps appear in the bottom, top or middle lanes during the battle. The neutral creep is also similar and appears over the lanes periodically. The only difference is that they are neutral and remain silent unless they are attacked.


Gold is one of the most important resources in Mobile Legends and is used for a number of activities, right from buying newer avatars to shopping battle items. Owning more gold allows you to build a stronger team and have a better gameplay. When you are running short of gold, it becomes rather difficult to progress into the game. One way to earn gold is by killing the creeps. You are also rewarded with gold on killing the Heroes from the enemy team. In this case, the amount is higher than that acquired by killing creeps. However, if your character gets killed during the battle, you will lose some gold. Therefore, the players should take caution not to get killed during the battles.


The best mobile legends tool itself recommends you different items that may be required to strengthen or upgrade your Heroes. Each of the Heroes has its own requirements. Hence, you can either choose to accept the recommendations or simply ignore them. The players always have their own freedom in buying the items for their Heroes.

The Shop

Mobile Legends has its own in-game shop with various different items that are required during the game. Each item is displayed together with a price tag and is usually bought with gold.

The Map

The game also has its own Mini Map that shows all the different regions within the game as well as the location of the creeps. The minimap can be used to track the movement of the enemies as well as friends.