ZTE to Make E810 Smartphone for Movistar

A while ago, the Chinese company ZTE CORPORATION was rumored to plan on making smartphones starting next year, and this time a few more details on the matter have surfaced to the web. The device that should be released by ZTE in 2009 is called E810 and comes as an entry-level Windows Mobile smartphone.
The new handset is considered to be rather entry-level based on the fact that it is supposed to feature only 64MB of RAM and a 1.3-megapixel camera while lacking 3G, GPS and WiFi connectivity. On the other hand, the device is said to come with support for microSD cards of up to 4 GB and it also includes Bluetooth support, but the entire specification list has not been unveiled yet.

The phone is expected to feature support for the GSM 850/1800/1900 MHz, GPRS / EDGE communications standards. It comes with a 2.5-inch display with a 320×240 pixel resolution, and it is able to deliver more than 65 thousand colors. The battery is a Li-Ion one with a capacity of 1000 mAh. The phone is said to weigh only 130gr, as for the operating system, the device will feature Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard edition.

According to the same piece of news, ZTE will produce the E810 for Movistar exclusively. If we’re to compare the E810 with other smartphones, the handset proves to come with rather limited functionality, which points towards the fact that it falls into the niche of budget Windows Mobile solutions. Those who could do without 3G, GPS or WiFi may see ZTE E810 as a very good option, especially given the fact that it should come to the market with a rather low price tag. The actual capabilities of the device will be unveiled as soon as it will hit the shelves.

Mobile Legends gameplay explained

Mobile Legends Heroes

Each player gets to control one single unit at a time. These characters are known as Heroes. The players get to choose any hero of their choice, and newer ones are constantly supplied upon reaching the higher levels. The battles take place between two teams, each with 5 players. The main target is to destroy the base of the opponents. Whichever team does this first emerges victorious and has a claim over the rewards. The players can form allies with comrades of their preference to form a strong team.

Other characters

Apart from the HERO, there are two more units known as neutral creep and creep. The creep is a smaller sized unit that is owned by both the participating units. The creeps appear in the bottom, top or middle lanes during the battle. The neutral creep is also similar and appears over the lanes periodically. The only difference is that they are neutral and remain silent unless they are attacked.


Gold is one of the most important resources in Mobile Legends and is used for a number of activities, right from buying newer avatars to shopping battle items. Owning more gold allows you to build a stronger team and have a better gameplay. When you are running short of gold, it becomes rather difficult to progress into the game. One way to earn gold is by killing the creeps. You are also rewarded with gold on killing the Heroes from the enemy team. In this case, the amount is higher than that acquired by killing creeps. However, if your character gets killed during the battle, you will lose some gold. Therefore, the players should take caution not to get killed during the battles.


The best mobile legends tool itself recommends you different items that may be required to strengthen or upgrade your Heroes. Each of the Heroes has its own requirements. Hence, you can either choose to accept the recommendations or simply ignore them. The players always have their own freedom in buying the items for their Heroes.

The Shop

Mobile Legends has its own in-game shop with various different items that are required during the game. Each item is displayed together with a price tag and is usually bought with gold.

The Map

The game also has its own Mini Map that shows all the different regions within the game as well as the location of the creeps. The minimap can be used to track the movement of the enemies as well as friends.

What is Guns of boom hack?

Guns of boom are the latest and popular android game show. This game is extremely interesting, and as you are going to clear all your levels one by one, you become addicted to this game. This game has multiple levels which boost your level of interest at every level of this game. But after few easy levels, this game throws tough and more difficult levels of this game to you. At that time you realize that you need an external help from the third party. The third party which helps you is the Guns of boom mod apk. At this site, you can get multiple tips for hacking this game.

Along with the hacking tips, you get some more things that how to unlock the hidden levels and things in the game. Through this, you can easily collect a large number of gems, coins, points and extra lives and much more to collect through this.

With Guns of boom hack, you can unlock many interesting and tough levels of this game easily which enhance the level of interest in the game. To collect such coins, gems, new lives you don’t have to spend you’re real hard earned money on these things.

Steps to download:

All these things are available their free of cost. Here you should only learn the hacking tools for this. All these things are available online. To play this game, you have to follow such important steps which help you in playing such a lovely game, just follow these steps-

Firstly, download this game from Google play store

This is one of the finest android games, and it is very popular in every age group.

Then make a login account, and then connect yourself to this account to make more new friends.

Then select your game “avatar” which helps you in making a unique identity among your game friends.

Then you have to choose your type of coin which you want to use shortly to purchase more things in your game.

This game is Android supporter. At the time when you say yes to download, then you have to select that which platform you want to play this game. Manufacturers have developed this game only for Android users, earlier. But as this game again popularity, manufacturers decided that they will develop this game for other platforms like IOS, iPhone.

To play this game without any obstacles, you have to take the help of guns of boom hack.


Hay Day Sales and Timing Tips

While playing Hay Day, one Hay Day hack that you can implement without any effort whatsoever is to just pay attention. So many people are absent minded about the way they are playing the game that they end up making a lot of silly mistakes. When you talk about sales and timing within the context of Hay Day, it becomes absolutely essential that you take your game as seriously as possible if you want to be able to excel. The main benefits of these tips are that they combine to make your game play truly efficient.

Don’t Be Overeager to Sell

When players are just starting out in the world of Hay Day, one common mistake that they can end up making is that they end up being far too eager when it comes to things like sales. When you are low on money, a sale can seem like a dream come true, and it is for this reason that you mind end up making the mistake of being too lenient with your customers. This mistake also comes from a place of not wanting to lose any of your customers. Let’s face it, a lot of customers can be pretty finicky and we don’t want to end up losing out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

However, what you need to keep in mind is that if your customer is just five to ten percent away from your ideal price, chances are that they would be just as willing to procure goods from you at your regular price as well. The waiting game can be quite nerve wracking, but at the end of the day what you need to realize is that they are just as desperate for what you have to offer as well. As long as you are selling at a rate that is comparable or decently close to the market price, essentially a price that would not be ripping your customers off, there is no reason for them to be hesitant while buying from you.

Just be patient and don’t rush things when it comes to a sale. While this would result in your sales taking longer than they would have otherwise, it is important to realize that the long term rise in profits you are going to get from this is going to be more than worth it.

A Hay Day Hack for When You’re Asleep

A lot of people don’t realize this, but you can actually play Hay Day while you are asleep or while you are doing something apart from actually having the app open on your phone and being your primary focus at that point in time. Basically, what you need to do is plant a few crops that are going to take a particularly long time to grow and leave them growing in the app while you are asleep, busy with school or work or doing anything else that is going to require you to focus on it completely. Learning how to get hay day diamonds without paying is crucial.

The great thing about this is that it can make it so much easier for you to focus on growing crops that grow best at night in particular. There are actually quite a few crops out there that would be perfect for this sort of thing, as the night time weather and the lack of sunlight would actually help them grow to be the best that they can be. These crops can actually be quite useful for you if you are looking for a Hay Day hack that would enable you to earn the most money possible. You would not have to spend that much money growing them, just create a routine that would enable you to make the most of your sleep cycles, which is quite easy since all it involves is setting the crops up and then not disturbing them for a period of time. Since you are going to be asleep during this period of time, it is safe to say that this Hay Day hack is going to be quite easy for you to implement. It will make it a lot easier for you to get ahead in the game if you apply this Hay Day hack.

Battling in the Clash Royale

If you are looking for an effective way to leave all the stress and worries behind, online games would cater to your requirement to perfection. These games have the ability to keep you hooked and captivated and you will find yourself immersed in the virtual world.

A lot of options are available when it comes to online games. One that has captured the attention of gamers all over the world is Clash Royale. The game is one that has managed to impress people with its graphics and features. Therefore, if you want to opt for a captivating game that would be engrossing and adventurous, this is an option that would not let you down.

Once you begin playing this game, you will find that all your fatigue just washes away since you get to embroil in a tantalizing battle which leaves you excited and energetic. The game becomes all the more fun when you do not have to worry about resources running out which is something you can make certain with the Clash Royale cheats. The game is capable of providing you with an enhanced experience and thus, you can be confident that boredom is not something that you would have to worry about if you opt for this game.

What the Game Is About

Let us first provide you with a brief overview of what the game is about. It has been developed by the makers of Clash of Clans, so you will find some similarities between the two games. Both games manage to keep you on your toes as you fight enemies with zeal and fervor.

The game is meant to be played against players from all over the world which makes it all the more interesting. It comprises of a lot of characters and you are required to collect cards of characters like prince and knights to get ahead in the game and attain rewards.

It has quite an adventurous touch to it as you get to acquire trophies once you manage to thwart your rivals, which can be done by knocking them off their towers. You also have the option of forming an alliance with other clans, thereby enabling you to build your community.

Gems and Gold

To get ahead in the game and unlock levels, you need to acquire gems and gold. These ensure that you have the resources to purchase the weapons required to defeat the enemy. The game can get quite boring and frustrating if you are unable to get ahead owing to lack of resources. At such times, it is the Clash Royale hack which would come to your assistance.

Furthermore, it often happens that when you are at an interesting point in the game, your life runs out and you find yourself starting all over again. By using the Clash Royale hack, you can be confident that this is not something that you will have to face.

Thus, with the help of a hack, you stand to access unlimited access to the resources required to proceed in the game. You will also get an unlimited supply of elixir which will ensure that your life does not run out.

Ample options are available when it comes to Clash Royale hacks. It is important to make sure that the hack you make use of is one that is authentic and reliable. A bit of research on the internet can make things easier for you as this will save you quite a bit of time.


Have Fun to the Fullest

Once you make use of the hack, you would be able to enjoy the game without any inhibitions. Therefore, make full use of the hack and ensure that you do not find yourself facing a situation where you get annoyed by the game you love playing. The hacks offer you optimal ease and feasibility and thus, there is no reason for you to feel apprehensive. You can make the most of what they have to offer and simply enjoy the game.

FB Hack- Make Your Hacking Process Convenient


Facebook Hack- Make Your Hacking Process Convenient


Facebook hacking tool is a key which people used to get access to the Facebook accounts of other peoples. Many of the Facebook users want to crack the password of their loving ones and see their personal information in their account. Now it is not easy to hack any Facebook account due to the safety features of Facebook. Many of the people also get disappointed by using many fake tools which are irrelevant. It is really very annoying also. This hack tool makes the daunting task very easy and convenient which is possible in some simple steps. By this hack tool, people easily hack any of the Facebook accounts with ease. This hack tool doesn’t charge you any cost like the other different hack tools. As well as users can safely use the hack tool without any tensions. They are safe and secure by using this hack tool. They also don’t need to worry about the system of their device as such tool doesn’t cause any problems.

Positive Aspects About Facebook Hack

When you are going to hack any account then you must need the help of the Facebook hack. Many times people are choosing the hack tool which is not reliable according to their requirements. In this situation, they need to face a lot of troubles which is very annoying for them. Users should always consider the vital facts in their mind before they are going to choose the hack tool for hacking an account. When you are going to hack the account of Facebook users then you just need to provide the profile id of the victim. After few minutes such hack tool hacks the account and provides you to access it. By this hack tool, users can easily hack any of the Facebook accounts with ease and also in a convenient way. As well as Facebook accounts, users can easily hack the different groups and pages of Facebook for their benefits. This hack tool also grabs the attention of more and more users with the help of its awesome features.


Reliable Information About Facebook Hack

The hack tool which you want to use for hack an account on Facebook should be reliable and safe. There are many hack tools but it is not sure that they are providing you proper security and benefits. Facebook hack tool is very easy to use and don’t need any special requirements or knowledge. Such hack tool also used the latest techniques to hack an account which also gives a surety that the account will be hacked in a proper way. Their team is also updated their strategies and plans according to the changing time. Such tool is compatible for all type of devices and also provides a safety feature for the safety of the users and their devices. Now it is really hard to hack a Facebook profile due to the safety functions of the Facebook. People should always use the hack tool on which they can rely easily.

Core Concepts Associated With Clash Of Clans Hack

If we talk about the best strategy game then the only name that comes is the Clash of Clans. The game is popular in all over the world due to the amazing characters and the concept. Youngsters love to prefer this game to play in their free time so that they can use that time in a better way. The number of people who are busy in this game is increasing rapidly day by day. In order to play in a smooth way, players choose the option of Clash of Clans Hack which is an online resources generator. In this game, resources have a great position and the most common mistake made by the players is that they have a lack of knowledge about the resources. They just started the game which is the worst way of playing the game because whenever you don’t have proper information you are unable to win the fight. You must have details and if you are a beginner then COC Hack is very important for you.

COC Hack features:

COC Hack is a very famous hacking tool and with the help of this, you are able to win in the fight with the use of gems and elixir. If we talk about the security then only a few people know that it offers top proxy secure facility by which no one can detect you of using the hacking tool.  When you use this you will be provided with a lot of new features time to time because it updated daily. On the apex of it, for increasing the protection it has also the feature of an anti-ban security layer. It also makes your expensive device free from the virus because you sue it online so there is no worry about the downloading. Some people think that it is hard to use but actually the process of using this is very easy and with the upcoming paragraphs you can get the proper information about this.

How to use the hack tool?

The main and important thing is that you just need a good internet connection because COC Hack is an online generator and there is no need to any type of downloading. Go to the official website of this hacking tool and go through from the easy process of verification in which they just verify that you are a player of this game. After the verification, you will be provided by a lot of features by which you are able to get the desired amount of the gold, elixir, and gems. When you are done with the selection of the resources then click on the hack button and get that in your account instantly. A player is able to use this online tool on Android, IOS or PC.

Tips and tricks for beginners:

If we talk about the game then it is a hard task to play and if you are a beginner then you can’t play it without the help of the tips and tricks. Let me take you deep in the game and make you able to play the game by the important information of main parts which are simple and easy.

  • The first thing that you must focus is that don’t spend the gems unnecessary. Generally, players spend theses important gems in the construction or in the finishing of the training troop. Instead of this, you should just wait for this process.
  • When someone is attacking the village then doesn’t deploy the important wizard just try to play with the two which can help you to win the attack.
  • In the starting days, just focus on the upgrade and buy the gold and elixir. If you are thinking of upgrade the defensive building then don’t do this because it is not a necessary step at that time of the game.
  • You must spend the gems wisely because you will be provided with a limited number so always remember this think while using the gems during the attack or defense.

These are some basic tips and trick which you must remember as the beginner if you want to enjoy this game properly. Without the help of such things you can’t play the game in a proper manner so doesn’t underestimate such tips. While these are very basic but when while playing you will definitely take the advantages. At last; by playing this marvelous game you can enjoy a lot with the friends and also kill the time properly with the help of the COC hack.

Clash Royale: Game Of Strategies And Tactics

Have you ever wondered that why games are so popular in this new era? If yes, then this article is for you. Games are awesome because these take us to the imaginary world of fun. Clash Royale is the same kind of game in which you have to do many things like collecting resources and cards. You have to use cards for building a powerful deck. Clash Royale is not only about the battle; this is much more than a battle. You have many things to learn including the use of cards and defense.

Why People Lose Even With Powerful Cards?

The reason that people lose even with the rare and powerful card is tactic issues. This is same as giving millions of dollar to a child who doesn’t know how to spend it. Rare and Epic cards are powerful but these are for special use if you use these without knowing about it then you will surely lose. Try to battle with your friends in private mode and watch recaps so that you can learn more and more from it. Try to learn combo attack because these help in the confusing opponent and in this time you can have an upper hand on him. Another tip is to use websites such as http://theroyalehack.com/, in this situation you need as much help as needed, regardless of where it comes from.

Moreover, this is a free to play the game so you can download it on any devices which can compatible with the configuration of it. Any ideal device can play this game which means you will be having no issue. This is a free to play the game which means no need of any credit card for it. this game offers in-app purchase which can cost hundreds of dollars if you purchase from it. those people who don’t want to spend money on it can use clash royale hack and generate currencies.

How to Use the Eee PC as an Emulation Gaming Machine

The Eee PC is a revolutionary, small laptop. Falling into the category of subnotebook, this little machine has become an instant hit. The Eee PC is small, and costs between $300 and $500. It runs Linux on an internal SSD, and comes with a wide array of features, including 3 USB ports, a PC card slot, and the ability to run Windows.
With so possibility in such a small machine, the Eee PC has found a number of uses, one of which is ‘portable’ gaming. Emulators make computer console gaming a reality, and the Eee PC makes small computer gaming an even greater reality.

It’s very simple to turn the Eee PC into a gaming system. Follow the proceeding steps, in order, and you’ll be using the EeePC as a gaming unit less than ten minutes.

Step 1: The first step is to load the Asus with Windows XP. Many people wish to leave the machine loaded with Xandros, but that is not possible for two reasons: 1) the native OS will not allow you to upgrade the RAM, and 2) the emulators are not supported.

Step 2: Once the machine has been loaded with XP, you’ll need to upgrade the RAM with a 2GB DDR. 1GB is the minimum you need, but 2GB is the best for smooth playing.

Step 3: After the machine is ready, navigate to the internet and download the emulators for whatever consoles you wish to play. There are many to choose from, but the three most popular are Project64 (Nintendo 64), ZSNES (Super Nintendo), and Fusion (multiple Sega consoles). These programs are small in size, so they can be downloaded to either the internal SSD, or to a separate SDHC card.

Step 4: After you’ve installed the console emulators you want, find and download ROMs*. ROM is the term used for the copied games.

Step 5: Place all of the ROMs on an SD card, preferably one reserved for gaming to make gaming fast and easy. Open the emulator you wish to play, and tell it to load the ROM. Be sure that the games play. You will likely need to change the native resolution to 800 x 480, though some may auto-resize.

Step 6: You can use the keyboard as the controls, but that can be difficult. A USB PC game controller makes it easier. Simply plug in the controller (via the USB port), and set up the controls in the emulator.

Congratulations! You now have a full-functioning gaming subnotebook!

Note: It is illegal to download ROMs of copyrighted games. Obtain legal ROMs, or purchase a license to use them. The author and publisher of this article holds no responsibility for the use of this article.

The Puzzle That Is 8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool games are really very much interesting to play that allows you to enjoy the game up to the maximum level. The specialty of 8 ball pool game will definitely meet your imagination as well as expectations in a very short time. The specialty of this game is greatly supported on all android and iOS devices, so you can easily enjoy the game play. Now, you can find this game widely on the internet and need to check whether it is available for free or not. Since the early days, there is no shortage of pool titles on the internet to choose from. The Miniclip currently adds another new list to this 8 ball pools multiplayer game that you can connect with the latest Face book offering, which brings anything new to your table.

When you decide to play this game online, first of all you have to upload 8 ball multiplayer pool game on your mobile or PC. Now, you will be provided with three different options such as play, tournaments and then play friends. Other than using a mute button, there is a no way to adapt the game play. Once you click on the playback option, you will start the game play and suggest your name to enjoy over it. When you play it in real time, you have to play as like the billiards on table. But if you play it online, you can easily handle this game with a mouse and also click and hold the left button to drag the power of mouse back to your shot. However, the entire power has given to anyone who is ready to play the pool game and let them to achieve their goals.

Overview about 8 ball 3D pool game

8 ball pool online games are now available in 3D format. Once you begin to play this game, it will never disappoint your expectations as well as your needs. You should mainly focus on targeting the ball and try to catch it as fast as possible. If you play this game in android or iOS, you are able to check the best performance of 8 ball pool games over the internet. To enjoy 3D pool online game, you can simply click on Play Now button and get an amazing gaming experience!

If you wish to know how to enjoy the 8 ball pool games, you just follow the below instructions:

  • First of all, you have to click on Download button
  • The automatic link will download to your PC
  • Now, you can install the game file on your system
  • Meanwhile, you might want to look for some 8 ball pool cheats to help you in the game
  • The game has get ready to enjoy
  • Finally, you can play game for free and enjoy it!

What’s new in 8 ball pool game?

In the latest version of 3.1 8 ball pool games, you can see the following new updates:

  • Able to fix a bug in the rematch opponent
  • 10 puzzle levels are added
  • Numerous other performances and fix the stability